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Welcome to The Puppy Training School, where we offer you and your dog all the expert guidance and practical advice you need. We're based on the Central Coast, and are here to help you and your dog work together as a happy and healthy family. 

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Our Training Classes

 Group Classes

Cover the basics that all dogs should know with our dog training group classes. Our classes are capped to small numbers and taught only by trained experts.

Play Dates

Socialisation is a critical part of a dog’s healthy development. Teach your dog the etiquette of socialising with other dogs, with our supervised puppy play dates.

Private Training

Are you looking for tailored dog training that fits your schedule and delivers exactly what your dog needs? Sign up for our private dog training classes.

In-Home Sessions

Where is it better to learn good behaviour than in your very own home? Book dog training classes on your property and your terms to ensure your puppy’s comfort.

Our Approach to Dog Training

Whichever course you choose, our instructors will guide you through a comprehensive dog training schedule. We use reward-based methods in all of our training courses, including treats, toys, pats and praise to encourage good behaviour and happy pets!

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The Puppy Training School taught me and my new dog how to live together as one happy family. They're warm and welcoming as well as being genuine experts. I highly recommend these classes. 


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